As water flows freely from our taps and over our lawns, down our drains, and into the environment, why should we pause to consider water’s importance and work to conserve it? While 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, only 2.5% is fresh water, and only a fraction of that water is even available for human use.

Water is not as renewable as it seems

Many people believe water is an endlessly renewable resource. It is true that used water re-enters the water cycle; however, it often contains pollutants that harm the environment and consumers. Some water resources are rapidly diminishing due to overuse and climate change. Once depleted, these resources will not be replenished in their original form and may instead be released to unusable sources, such as saltwater or contaminated waste.

Using faster than we replenish

Much of the water crisis stems from the fact that humans are using water far more rapidly than it is replenished through the water cycle. The U.S. uses 410 billion gallons of water per day and worldwide water consumption increased tenfold in the 20th century. Consumption will only continue to increase with population growth, climate change, and economic growth. As coastal aquifers are drained faster than they refill and sea levels rise, aquifers and artesian wells become salty and unusable. Surface waters are rapidly drained and altered by dams and are drawn on even more heavily as climate change reduces snowpack and changes precipitation patterns, causing longer and more frequent droughts.

Weathermatic: Saving water for customers and future generations

Across the country, water restrictions are becoming more and more common as increased demand combines with the effects of climate change. The National Resources Defense Council predicts water shortages will plague 70% of U.S. counties by 2050.

Saving water is not just about preventing water restrictions or saving money for ourselves: it is about saving water and preserving the environment for future generations, whose need will be greater and resources more limited. With this in mind, Weathermatic designs and manufactures irrigation technologies that are low-volume, automatically adjust to environmental conditions, and can virtually eliminate the billions of gallons of water that are wasted each year by overwatering. By proactively saving money, water, and environmental resources, we hope to provide a better world for future generations.

World Water Use infographic

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