If you’ve been paying attention to the recent developments in California’s drought situation, you know Governor Brown has finally issued strict mandates for the state to generate dramatic water conservation results. Their years-long severe drought has escalated into a crisis situation and none of the “recommendations” to conserve have inspired enough change, so far. Californians are learning the hard way that water is a scarce and a precious resource.

Water Is Wasted Everywhere

This resource is becoming increasingly costly, not just in California.  In urban areas, the average cost of water has increased faster than any other utility –  25% since 2010.  Most people don’t realize that on the average commercial property, 70% of water consumption goes to landscape irrigation. According to the EPA, a staggering 50% of that water is usually wasted, due to inefficient watering methods in use for the past 20 years.

Water Management Industry Must Step Up

Many irrigation manufacturers have stayed rooted in traditional products, ignoring the growing demand for disruptive technology in this industry. However, at Weathermatic, we recognize that water is the driving force of life and industry and it matters more than any other resource on Earth. This is why we intend to revolutionize the water management industry.

We have responded to the demand for profound change by creating a cloud-based irrigation system called SmartLink that is an essential part of any water conservation plan. We are also committed to open source software and hardware in order to drive down the cost of irrigation management and control. Our simple, affordable smart watering technology and practices are producing profound savings for many cities in California and across the U.S..

Weathermatic Customers Are Global Leaders

Working together to achieve landmark sustainability goals, Weathermatic and our customers are helping to mitigate the damaging effects of drought on our economy and our environment by conserving billions of gallons of irrigation water every year. This commitment to water conservation does not only make a local impact. Our customers are being recognized as the global leaders in water sustainability, and profits from our Sustainability Services have funded the drilling of clean water wells for over 4,000 families in developing countries, through our Save Water | Give Life program.


This was written by Weathermatic CEO Mike Mason, who, after a mission trip to El Salvador was faced with the reality of the global water crisis and came home ready to make a change in the highly inefficient irrigation industry. Mason committed to providing tech-based solutions to increase efficiency in irrigation, as well as forming Weathermatic’s Save Water | Give Life program.

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