Occasionally, customers will ask me why they should choose Weathermatic Smart controllers over the competition.   There’s a lot to that question, but I usually respond with “Why not?”

Weathermatic has been on the forefront of irrigation technologies for almost 70 years. We were the first with a solid state controller back in the 1970’s and the first to produce an affordable weather-based controller in 2004.  Now we are on the cutting-edge with the new and affordable SmartLink that brings your controller to your mobile device or computer.  And the company is not close to being done.  We are simply not satisfied with the redesigning and repackaging the same product.   We develop new and better products using the newest and greatest technologies!

So, what about Smart controllers?  Is there really any difference between SmartLine and the competition?  Smartline has too many features to contain within this short article, so I will touch on a couple that are important to me:

  1. Non-volatile memory.  This means the controller will retain its memory even in the event of a power loss. Smartline does not require a 9 volt battery to insure the controller does this. So, no need to replace a battery year-after-year.
  2. The Locator function. From the controller panel, you can ping or chatter a valve. This is a huge advantage for helping find buried or hidden valves without the need for costly locating equipment.
  3. Seasonal adjust by month. Now, most of you have seen the water or % place on the dial.  The problem here is that this stays in effect until you change it.  Smartline has the percentage, but it is programmable by month, so your controller automatically changes watering amount up and down based on your input. No more remembering to change the run times when fall arrives.
  4. The weather station.  With the addition of our on-site weather station, you now have a controller that is driven by the weather.  As I mentioned above, you can set it to change based on the month, but how about a controller that adapts and changes every day? That’s 365 automatic adjustments versus just 12. The weather station takes daily weather readings and makes automatic adjustment based on that days weather. It mounts easily and is maintenance free. Get a cold front that blows through?  Smartline knows. April heats up more than usual? Smartline knows. With the added bonus of the weather station, your water bills stay in check with the season, everyday!

So for those of you who ask us, “Why Weathermatic?” I ask why not.   Make the Smart decision.