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Established in 1945, manufactures high quality metal compression fittings for the plumbing and heating market and are made exclusively in the U.S.A. Our drive is to establish Telsco Fittings as the premier metal compression fittings brand in the industry. We pride ourselves on maintaining such a high quality metal fitting through over 50 years of production. We have just completed a major upgrade in our production facilities as well as filling out the product line. I strive to make Telsco Fittings your obvious choice for metal compression fittings.

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No. 702 Regular Style or No. K702 Clamp Style


No. 704 Regular Style or No. K704 Clamp Style Compression to Male IPS thread

90° Elbows

No. 707 Regular Style or No. K707 Clamp Style Straight Sizes


No. 711 Regular Style or No. K711 Clamp Style Straight sizes, compression all ends

Tees, Threaded Branch

No. 712 Regular Style or No. K712 Clamp Style Straight Sizes, compression on run; female IPS thread on branch

400 Series Wall Seals

Pipe Stiffener – Rigid Tubular Steel for SDR Plastic Pipe

For General Piping

Telsco 700 and K700 Series Fittings can be used in most general piping applications including:

  • Plumbing and heating piping
  • Industrial piping
  • Water system installations
  • Plumbing and heating repairs
  • Piping additions and alterations
  • Pump installations

* Not recommended for steam applications

Our unique K700 clamp style fitting “bites” the pipe to hold greater pressure and resist pipe pull-out in general piping applications.

For Plastic Piping

Telsco K700 Series Fittings are suitable for fast, easy installation or repair of most IPS plastic pipe. Metal insert stiffeners should be used to support the pipe wall.  Fittings are not recommended for thin wall notch sensitive tubing.

General Specifications

  • Coupling and adapter bodies, 1020HR steel tubing
  • Tee and ell bodies and end nuts, malleable iron Grade 32510
  • Electro-galvanized or black phosphate
  • Buna-N gasket with maximum rated service temperature of 100 degrees Celsius and minimum of -25 degrees Celsius
  • Stainless steel clamp ring Type 302 (K700 series)

Steel Pipe Installation

WARNING – System Designer and/or Contractor must provide suitable anchoring of piping to prevent pull-out from fittings when applications subject piping to external forces such as ground shift and temperature variations that cause linear pipe contraction.

Telsco fittings are suitable for use on water and oil and carry a limited warranty to give satisfactory service when recommended pressures are not exceeded and when fittings are installed per torque specifications.

Mechanical Joint Assembly Procedure for Polyethylene Pipe & Tube PE2306 & PE3406

Described below are the recommended assembly procedures for Telsco Series K700 compression fittings.

Burr Removal – To facilitate assembly, any internal and external burrs are to be removed from the cut-off ends of the pipe. Remove cutting chips from inside of pipe.

Stiffener Insertion – A metal Stiffener is required to be inserted within the polyethylene pipe for support of the pipe wall. Caution must be exercised in using the correct Stiffener size that matches the pipe or tubing (wall thickness) being joined; example, SDR11. Insert Stiffener full depth within pipe to its flange stop.

Cleaning – Clean exterior surface of pipe of all foreign matter such as dirt and compounds to insure a good sealing surface for the fitting gasket. Inspect inside surface of gasket and clean if required as accumulations may result from storage conditions and handling.

Pipe Insertion – Piping is to be inserted within the fitting to maximum depth:

  • Couplings – midway
  • Elbows – to stop
  • Adapters – to stop
  • Tees – to outlet

Regular Style – 700 Series

Clamp Style – K700 Series

Recommended Maximum Pressure (PSI)

To achieve maximum pipe pull-out resistance and sealing, End Nuts are to be wrench tightened per the following table. Use recommended wrench size and apply body pressure to approximate listed torque.

Telsco Fittings

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