Tell Us Your Story

Your story is our best reference and no one tells it better than you! Submit your video testimonial below and we’ll say thank you with your choice of a Weathermatic polo shirt or hooded sweatshirt. We may also promote your video at events and on our website, blog, and social media channels.


Consider the following when telling your story:

  • Tell us about your business first.
  • How have we helped solve a problem?
  • How have we made your job easier?
  • How have we helped you impress your customers?
  • Points to highlight: water savings and/or financial savings, payback period (ROI) for product/s, what your business or customer did with the savings, what inspired the purchase/upgrade, what event or information was the tipping point, what’s next, etc.
  • If your story is about a SmartLink success, please begin your testimony with “My name is ______ and I irrigate from _______ (your location – may be city, device, hangout spot, etc.)”
The ideal length is between one and three minutes.

For the most professional appearance, your video should:

  • Be recorded in landscape format.  If you are using a smartphone, turn your phone horizontal.
  • Have good lighting
  • Have little or no background noise
  • Be set for High Definition quality
Choose from one of these items.  A snazzy polo or cool hoodie.  It’s your choice.

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