Since we launched Weathermatic SmartLink in the Spring of 2012, we have been listening to feedback from our customers for additional features.  We have also come up with some ideas for improved user experience as we’ve seen how our customers are using SmartLink. Meanwhile, software technology progresses at an extraordinary pace and we have realized the opportunity to take advantage of some of the latest web tools.

As we continue to improve the customer experience, we will make changes to SmartLink and add new features requested by our customers.

As such, Weathermatic is proud to announce the roll out of SmartLink 2.0.18

Release 2.0.18 has a lot of great user-facing improvements that should benefit nearly everyone using Smartlink Network.  To highlight a few:

  1. Controller, Site, and Events listings are greatly improved to allow for sophisticated sorting, filtering, and searching of data.  Users will also be able to customize filters and save them for recall later.
  2. Greater resolution of run time reporting, especially for real-time flow units.
  3. You can now name your programs something other than “A, B, C, D” on your controller page.  This is a small feature that makes it easy to remember why a program is setup the way it is.

In addition, the SmartLink App for iOS and Android has been completely redesigned.  If you currently have the SmartLink App loaded on your smartphone, simply uninstall and then go to the Apple Store or Google Play and reinstall the new version.

Also, there are many smaller improvements and a few bug fixes included.

Release 2.0.18 was rolled out on Saturday August 15, 2105 and is now in place for all users.