This Valentine’s Day, what could be a better gift than the gift of life? Our latest Save Water | Give Life team is in Nicaragua this week, working hard to drill a clean water well that will provide life-giving drinking water for an entire village for generations. From a comfortable desk at home in the US, this sounds incredibly sacrificial. But ask the team members how they felt about the experience and sacrifice will not be in their vocabulary. Inspirational, rejuvenating, eye-opening, thrilling, life-changing are the words we hear most often.

If you’re curious how words used to describe a week at a spa could possibly apply to a week of hard labor in the mud and heat, watch these videos from our previous trips. We are eternally thankful for those who partner with us to support Save Water | Give Life, either through matching funds (like the generous Hart Elementary kids in Dallas) or through smart irrigation technology with their SmartLink network activations.