National Retail Bank Success Story


How does one of the top financial institutions in the nation also become a global leader in environmental sustainability? Six years ago, this leading bank set environmental sustainability goals for energy use, transportation, waste, and water use. As they looked to the future, they wanted to further decrease their water use by at least 20% and began recognizing that the biggest single impact area was landscape irrigation.

In 2010, the bank launched a pilot study on several of its properties, putting to the test irrigation solutions from Weathermatic and its competitors. After finding that Weathermatic’s smart control technology saved the most water, was easiest to use and of the highest quality, the financial leader chose the company for the project.


2012 was the first of this multi-year project to incorporate Weathermatic technology and services on bank properties across the country. With smart irrigation controllers installed on 210 sites in 12 states, this retail bank has one of the largest implementations of connected web-based Smart Control in the irrigation industry. Within this strong collaborative partnership, Weathermatic was able to fully develop its industry-leading services.

These properties removed their schedule-based timers that were wasting millions of gallons of water and thousands of dollars per property per year, and replaced with SmartLine weather-based control. These properties also subscribe to Weathermatic’s Sustainability Services:

  • Professional consultation and installation of equipment that best fits the landscape
  • SmartLink Network controls to ensure up-to-the-minute water management and weather sensitivity
  • Daily remote monitoring by trained Weathermatic staff
  • Monthly water saving reports
  • Quarterly site inspections to ensure repairs and conservation


Irrigation Water Use (Gallons)

With all of these services and products in place, each property is seeing financial payback in less than a year, with some properties achieving full return on investment in only three months. With each property reducing water use by about 75% and nearly half of all commercial water use going to landscape, Weathermatic’s services and products should easily allow this financial leader to reduce water use by 20% by 2023.

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Over 66 million gallons saved in May to August alone – the four hottest months of the year. This was a 54% savings in water, that led to a 62% financial savings.