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  • 5 year warranty and 100% water tested
  • Thick, vandal resistant rubber cover is standard; visible arrows indicate + or – arc adjustment
  • Radius adjustment screw decreases radius up to 25%
  • “Punch-thru” cover to protect nozzle retaining screw from debris
  • Easy-grip threaded cover
  • 14 field-changeable nozzles – SmartAngle (low angle) and Flow+ included
  • Safety clutch for vandal protection; ratchets like a sprayhead
  • Part circle models adjust from 40 – 360°; no tools required
  • Expanded “arc dwell” on part circle models provides full coverage along borders
  • Pressure activated wiper seal and strong stainless steel spring on pop-up models to ensure positive retraction
  • High-tech micro filter protects reversing mechanism
  • Streamlined large flow tube to minimize pressure loss through sprinkler
  • Impeller flow regulator automatically matches rotation to nozzle selection
  • Smooth impeller gear drive for highly uniform watering
  • Large area, basket type, removable strainer for debris protection
  • Standard Ready Check™ check valve on T3 and T35 models is easily reversed in the field to a “check” position. Check valve holds back 12’ (3,7 m/hd) of elevated water.


  • High-strength non-corrosive plastics and metals used throughout sprinkler
  • Sealed, lubricant packed drive housing provides long life performance
  • Options (factory installed)
  • Non-potable cover (add “N” suffix)
  • Vandal cover lock (add “XV” prefix)
  • Check valve in “check” position (add “CV” prefix)
ModelDescriptionDimensionsInternational Model




T3Adjustable ArcHeight (closed): 7-5/8″ (19.4 cm)
Pop-Up Height: 4″ (10.2 cm)
Inlet: 3/4″ IPS
T3-36Full Circle
T3SSStainless Steel Full Circle
T3-36SSStainless Steel Pop-Up Full Circle
T3SAdjustable Arc Shrub RotorHeight: 8-3/16″ (20.8 cm)
Inlet: 3/4″ IPS
T35Pop-Up Adjustable ArcHeight (closed): 8-13/16″ (22.4 cm)
Pop-Up Height: 4″ (10.2 cm)
Inlet: 1″ IPS
T35-36Pop-Up Full CircleT35-36-ISO
T35-SSStainless Steel Full CircleT35-SS-ISO
T35-36SSStainless Steel Pop-Up Full CircleT35-36SS-ISO

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