Pictured: Robert Weeks, Jerry Owen, Jackie Rector and Mike Mason Not pictured: Bill Weeks

Pictured: Robert Weeks, Jerry Owen, Jackie Rector and Mike Mason.  Not pictured: Bill Weeks

Prestonwood Baptist Church and Prestonwood Christian Academy of Plano were recently awarded the “Weathermatic Sustainability Award for Water Conservation”.

In the year 2013 both of the facilities achieved within a 5% deviation of plant water requirements while maintaining their beautiful landscaping. This achievement was reached through the collaboration of the Facilities Department, Operations, Energy Management, and their Landscape Maintenance Contractor.

Prestonwood has always been a leader in sustainability. Their congregation should be proud of their leadership, not only for being fiscally responsible but for saving thousands of gallons of water for their community.

Weathermatic would like to thank Jackie Rector, Director of Energy Management; Robert Weeks, Director of Operations; Jerry Owen, Exterior Services Director; and Billy Weeks, Owner, Manders Maintenance.

To learn more about Prestonwood’s impressive water savings, read their case study here: https://www.weathermatic.com/prestonwood-baptist-church-success-story/


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