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D75 Series Nozzle Installation Guide


STEP 1: Remove Drive Assembly

STEP 2: Install New Nozzle

  1. Remove screws (2) on top of nozzle cap.
  2. Pull off nozzle cap.
  3. Snap in correct nozzle. (see Performance Chart)
  4. To remove nozzle, pull out using snap ring tool or screwdriver.

STEP 3: Installing Assembly

  1. Place new assembly in body.
  2. Install snap ring.
  3. Reinstall nozzle cap with screws (2).

NOTE: Tighten screws securely.

Adjustable Part Circle Adjustment

Rotate easy arc tabs to desired arc

  1. Rotor must be OFF
  2. Remove EASY ARC Cap
  3. Using a small screwdriver or pointed object, move right and left tabs on each side of the Nozzle Marker. Example 180˚
  4. Replace EASY ARC Cap

🔗 Performance Data

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