Owner’s Manual

1.0 Getting Acquainted With Your SmartLine® Controller

SmartLine® is the smart choice for water conservation and beautiful landscaping. The “get acquainted” information in this section will make programming your unit easier and faster.

1.1 Getting Acquainted With Your Control Panel

The SmartLine® Controller LCD Display provides the following information when the controller is set to RUN, SYSTEM OFF, or when there is no active watering operation underway (display with program in IDLE mode):

Time of Day: Battery Strength: SmartLine® Controllers use a Real Time Clock/Calendar instead of a backup battery to maintain correct time during a power outage. For the SL1600 and SL4800, the display will show a blank battery icon in the display until/unless a battery is installed in the controller. Battery usage is only necessary for programming when the control panel is removed.

Fault Indicator: Appears ONLY when a fault is detected. Turn dial to Advanced Menu and press the DOWN then NEXT button to view faults. Once you turn the dial to Advanced Menu the fault indicator will stop flashing but will continue to appear on the screen until the fault is removed or user clears fault in Advanced Menu. If fault is cleared in Advanced Menu, it will appear again the next time the program runs if the problem is not corrected.

Next Watering Day or Days: The display will show the watering days in the current week for Program A. To view watering days for Program B, C or D just press the PGM button. 

No AC: Appears when there is no AC supply to the controller.

PGM Button: The SmartLine® controller has 4 watering programs (A, B, C, and D). This is like having 4 controllers in one. You can assign zones to any of the 4 programs, allowing for complete flexibility of your irrigation schedule. Programs A, B, C, and D can be programmed to operate concurrently. The display will alternately show all programs while used for micro irrigation with low flow and long run times. Sprinkler zones should be assigned to A, B, or C. 

Care must be taken when programming. In order to not exceed your irrigation system’s hydraulic capacity, double check the strength of your piping and points of connection. Exceeding this capacity could lead to fault indications and interrupted irrigation schedules. The electrical capacity is limited, depending on your model. A pump start relay may require more mA than a solenoid. Keep aware of these boundaries when scheduling programs to initiate and operate simultaneously.

START MANUAL PROGRAM Button: SL-press_to_start_manual_program.pngPress to initiate a watering operation when the programming dial is set to the RUN position. The SmartLine® controller will run Program A. Or, you can push the PGM button before you push the START MANUAL PROGRAM button to select the program you want to run. You can use the NEXT button to advance to other zones in a program that you have started. Start Manual Program will override any omits or delays.

Display With Program Running: LCDisplay-run_program.pngWhen a program is running, the screen will display: program that is operating; zone number that is operating; and run time remaining. An ORANGE LED indicates program is in PAUSE mode waiting for a programmed delay in the controller to expire (run/soak, master valve delay, zone to zone delay, omit time). The display will show the reason for the pause. 

Display With Dial In SYSTEM OFF Position: When the SmartLine® controller dial is in the SYSTEM OFF position, the processor and clock continue to operate and all program values are retained in the non-volatile memory. In the SYSTEM OFF position no automatic watering will occur. The Mode Selection LED will display red when controller is turned to SYSTEM OFF.

If you move the dial to any position other than RUN or SYSTEM OFF, and there is no control panel activity for 1 hour, the controller will return to the RUN mode, and the display screen will show the idle default screen or will return to a program in progress that was interrupted.

Watering Mode Button: Used to select SMART or BASIC watering. During normal operation the MODE LED will display GREEN. It will change to ORANGE during a pause in operation and will display RED when SmartLine® controller dial is turned to SYSTEM OFF.

Rain/Freeze Sensing Button: SL-rain_freeze_sensing.pngUsed to activate or bypass optional sensors for rain, freeze, or wind. If these sensors are connected to your SmartLine® controller, they will override watering operations if the ON LED is selected. If your sensor/s have paused your system operation, the ON LED will be RED until the sensors allow watering to resume. In the event of a “rain” pause, the LED will change from RED to ORANGE for an additional pause time before the LED displays GREEN and system operation resumes. Smart Watering deficits will decrement to 0 at the rate of 1″ per hour. The sensor LED will display GREEN again when the sensor/s are no longer pausing your system operation.

noteIcon__Converted_.png Note: No watering will take place when the RAIN/FREEZE SENSING LED is RED. This indicates a Rain, Freeze or other type sensor has tripped, and programs are prevented from running. An ORANGE MODE LED means watering is paused temporarily due to: run/soak, master valve delay, zone to zone delay, or omit time. A program in operation will also pause if you turn the dial to any position other than RUN or SYSTEM OFF. The program in operation will resume when you return the dial to RUN or if there is no programming activity for 60 minutes.

Note: The SLW Delay dryout period is factory set for 48 hours. To change the delay period, see SLW in Advanced Menu. 

If you wish to deactivate the sensors, use the RAIN/ FREEZE SENSING button to light the green OFF LED. Example: You wish to water after fertilizing and your rain sensor is still pausing the watering program. As long as the OFF LED is on, the sensors will not pause your system operation. Note: You may have zones you want to omit from rain/freeze shutdown. Example: Potted plants under cover. If you are using an SLW Weather Sensor or the RFS5 rain/freeze sensor communicating with your controller through an SLHUB, see SLW in Advanced Menu for instructions. If you are using a rain/freeze sensor connected to your controller at the SEN terminals, see SENSOR in Advanced Menu for instructions.

noteIcon__Converted_.png Note: The RAIN/FREEZE SENSING button can be used to bypass rain and freeze sensors.

1.2 Quick-View

With the dial in the RUN or OFF position, and FLOW is enabled, press the DOWN button to view the current FLOW rate.

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