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Finally a simple software tool to make professional irrigation inspections easy and effective!  Imagine using a mobile tablet as a remote control to turn on zones while marking irrigation repair items with just the touch of your finger.  Even better, instantly add photos to your inspection, store in the cloud and immediately email to your client.  The result: time savings, water savings, faster work order approval, increased repair revenue, and a competitive advantage to win more properties!

Drive repair revenues and save clients money on water
Automatic time and date stamp reports
Validate programming and showcase your expert advice
Save time in the office and the field
Securely saved to the cloud
Email reports to property managers
Attach photos to reports and easily make notes
Easily identify and document repair items

Experience our Irrigation Inspector for yourself.  Try our FREE demo!

Inspect with Control

Inspect while turning on zones remotely from within the application

Identify Issues

Capture broken heads, laterals, clogged nozzles for repair

Capture Photos

Upload photos of repair needs from within the application

Export and Share

Output to PDF or Excel for development of work order or sharing