This post was originally published in November 2013.

Weathermatic’s Martha Golea conducts a Twitter interview with Ewing Irrigation’s VP of Sustainability, Warren Gorowitz

Between bad PR, lack of ongoing education, irrationally based codes and standards, and inconsistent licensing practices, one may feel overwhelmed with the challenges facing the irrigation industry. During the 2013 Irrigation Association Show in Austin earlier this month, I had the honor of interviewing several major players in the IA. Each of them provided solutions to these problems and ways they are working toward a better future. After speaking to Board members, the previous and current president, and the IA’s Educator of the Year, I can confidently say the industry is in good hands.

Each of these folks was kind enough to take time out of their busy show schedule to do a relatively unusual interview, via Twitter. If you click the links below, you’ll see each interview is 4-6 questions and all responses had to fit into Twitter’s infamous 140-character limit. This makes each interview very quick, with high impact. Read through the interview links and let us know your own opinion on the challenges and solutions for the irrigation industry in the comment section below!

2012-2013 Irrigation Association President, Bob Dobson:

“Codes and standards are so important for any industry related to water, but for irrigation it is extremely important.

[One of our biggest challenges is] codes and standards that are not based on sound science.”

2013-2014 Irrigation Association President-Elect, Warren Thoma:

“[Our] Biggest challenges: Poor public perception of water use, regulations that aren’t necessarily sensible… Licensing programs are available in some states and not in others. Causes a barrier to entry.”

Government Affairs Committee Liaison, Warren Gorowitz:

“We…need to continue our efforts towards educating the public & our industry on the value of water.”

Membership Committee Chairman, Fred March:

“The challenge we face is keeping & creating jobs. Intelligent use of water & preserving the resources we currently have are also challenges.”

Marketing Committee Liaison, Richard Restuccia:

“Most of my communication these days with water agencies is through social media. A very efficient way to educate.”

Irrigation Association Educator of the Year award winner, Dr. Cathie Lavis:

“The green industry helps feed our world, contributes to a healthy environment, it is [one] of the most important industries.”

Texas Nursery & Landscape Association President, Amy Graham:

“This is a very responsible industry & becoming even more responsible. We are not there yet, but people are really trying.”

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