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D55E Golf Series Rotor

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ROTOR shall be a Weathermatic water lubricated gear-drive model D55E2570A capable of covering a 37– 67 ft. radius at a base pressure of _____(units) and a discharge rate of _____ (units) as specified on the drawing and shall have fixed arc coverage of 35 to 360 degrees. The rotor shall have a pressure range from 50 to 70 PSI with a maximum pressure of 100 PSI. 

Rotor shall have color-coded, interchangeable nozzles. The retract spring shall be of stainless steel and of sufficient force for positive retraction. The riser shall be of stainless steel. The riser shall be self-flushing. The rotor shall be serviceable from the top with a Quicklock design.

Rotor shall be used with a pressure-regulating, in-line electrically actuated valve, or integrated electrically actuated valve.

Rotor case shall be of commercial-grade plastic and shall have a top diameter of 6.5”, a pop-up height of 4” and an overall body height of 9.75”.

Rotor shall have 1” female NPT, ACME or BSP threaded inlet.

Rotor shall be as shown on the drawings or as instructed and shall be manufactured and furnished by Weathermatic, Garland, Texas.

WARRANTY: Rotor shall have a manufacturer’s limited warranty of five (5) years.

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