kids in LeonStudents at a village school in Leon, Nicaragua, have a new clean water well this Christmas, thanks to generous students thousands of miles away. After studying Latin American countries and learning how unsafe drinking water makes kids sick there, students at Hart Elementary School in Lucas, Texas, were moved to help provide clean water to kids in one of the countries they were learning about. Last year the kids at Hart raised money for a well in Rivas, Nicaragua, and this year they funded a well in Leon, Nicaragua. Both wells will serve the village schools and families for many generations.

hygiene class

The Weathermatic team teaches a hygiene class at the school

One Hart student who played an important role in inspiring his fellow students was Brendan Bruner, son of Weathermatic’s Executive Vice President of Sustainability Services, Brodie Bruner. Bruner regularly travels to Latin America to help drill wells the company has funded through their social business model, Save Water | Give Life. When Brendan’s 4th grade Spanish class studied Latin American countries, last year, he shared with his class about the children dying from dirty water and poor sanitation and his dad’s trips to drill water wells there. Brendan’s father couldn’t be happier to see the cause his company is so passionate about gathering support through his children and their peers.

As a part of Lovejoy Independent School District, Hart Elementary encourages students to work for justice in their community. According to Hart Principal, Kathy Foster, “A well-rounded education inspires children to think outside of what they know, to be involved in their local community but also globally-minded. It is always our goal as educators to see our students make a difference in the world.”

well team with kids

Weathermatic’s well drilling team with their new friends in Leon, Nicaragua

“Because of the combined efforts of our drilling and hygiene teams and the donation from Hart Elementary, no longer will these Nicaraguan children, so full of love and hope, drink from a diseased well.” Brodie Bruner said. “This was all made possible because caring students chose to help other students nearly a world away from them. Their compassion will save lives.”