We’re excited to announce another new feature coming to SmartLink in November 2015: Controller Snapshot.

dashboard of SmartLink showing controller snapshot featureThe new Controller Snapshot feature allows users to quickly save their entire control panel configuration and recall it at a later time.  All of your programs, run times, advanced settings, and other panel data are securely stored and presented to be “Re-Applied” any time you need it.  This feature is great for creating seasonal snapshots (that include all your programs), or simply to back up your panel settings so they can be restored to a point in time if something is changed on-site at the panel.

In addition, snapshots can be viewed via a simple Excel export that shows all of your panel settings in one simple, easy-to-manage document.

controller snapshot

The timely release of the controller snapshot feature will help irrigation managers store warm weather settings as they re-program for cooler weather. Watch for the update to hit SmartLink around the first week of November.