As we celebrate Weathermatic’s 75th year, we have many thoughts and emotions with the greatest being thankfulness – to God, to our customers, employees, and suppliers – who collectively made the Weathermatic story an enduring one through trials and triumphs, radical technology changes, economic booms and bust, the wet years and the dry. Since our foundation as Texas Lawn Sprinkler Company in 1945 by Max Snoddy, we have always been a pioneering company that has helped shape the industry and impacted thousands of lives.

Embarking on the next 75 years, we are inspired by our mission to change the way you, our industry, and property owners value our most precious resource: water. In the year 2020, we can no longer afford for water to be an afterthought or suffer from waste due to inferior technology and poor management practices. By putting water first, in design, installation, and maintenance, we partner with you to maximize water efficiency and elevate our industry to leadership in sustainable water management.

With over 600,000 SmartLine® control systems installed across 85 countries and saving billions of gallons of water, we focus on an even higher purpose: saving lives. This driving passion at Weathermatic has led us to develop the newly formed Weathermatic Foundation. Our non-profit foundation creates the opportunity for Weathermatic and our partners to dedicate our financial resources and time to saving lives through water projects in the developing world. At the time of this catalog printing, we have brought clean water to save the lives of over 25,000 people in 65 communities from El Salvador to Nicaragua to Sierra Leone.

2020 Product Catalog
2020 Weathermatic Catalog

As you turn the pages of the catalog, you will see how virtually every Weathermatic product contributes to savings lives through our “Products with Purpose” campaign. We are giving you, our customers, ownership of your impact by designating a specific number of gallons given for every product purchased. As Weathermatic grows, so will our giving. Together as partners and through God’s grace, we will save 125,000 lives through the gift of safe, clean water. In life, just as in business, we live and work with purpose. WATER WITH PURPOSE!

Repair Parts List

Today Weathermatic continues its innovative spirit with the most advanced technology available. In fact, this 2020 catalog brings forth the most new product entries in our 75 history by virtue of our investment in product development and the asset acquisition of Signature Controls whose roots go back to 1911 with brands including Nelson Turf, Bear Golf, and Thompson Irrigation. All of these advancements translate to greater conservation and superior value through increased performance and service for our customers. As we continually innovate, may we always stay true to the words of our founder Max Snoddy’s original vision statement: “Our quality is integrity: of our people, of our design, and of our manufacturing.”

A Legacy of Firsts

  • First milled MPR spray nozzle
  • First electric diaphragm valve
  • First commercially available companion electric controller
  • First reverse flow valve – a Weathermatic hallmark
  • First solid state controller – the forerunner of all current industry micro-processor technology
  • First plastic body sprinkler
  • First rain shutoff device
  • First soil moisture sensors for irrigation
  • First educational training program for irrigation