Mason’s Dedication Leads to Advisory Position

Weathermatic CEO Mike Mason commits to 500 clean water wells by 2020Worldwide, 783 million people do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. Millions of people contract diseases and die from unclean drinking water each year, and untold labor, education, and revenue is lost to fetching water and disease. We at Weathermatic are committed to helping reduce this number by conserving water for our customers and by donating proceeds to organizations like Living Water International, to build wells to bring water to those who need it.

Weathermatic CEO Mike Mason has set a personal goal to build 500 wells for South America by 2020. He says, “By the year 2020, on my 56th birthday I want to be standing at our 500th water well, watching the water flow with kids splashing around. At that point I’ll know we’ve contributed. Now that is a dream worth living!” Because of his passion for the cause and his experience in the business world, Mason has been appointed to the advisory board of Living Water International. He joins top executives from a broad range of companies in lending his professional expertise to steer the future of the charitable organization.

Living Water International helps communities create sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene programs, working closely with local residents to ensure the ongoing success of these projects. Last year, Mason and Executive Vice President of Sustainability Services Brodie Bruner traveled to El Salvador to drill a well with LWI and customers Jeff Feurbacher of Southern Botanical and Ed Ghallagher of Brickman Group.

Weathermatic funds these wells through our Save Water | Give Life program. As Mason explains it, “For every gallon of water we help our customers save through our Sustainability Services, we give a gallon of life to families in need.  It blows my mind each month when we do the analysis for our customers. When I see 25 million gallons saved in one month, for just one client on 10% of their sites, I think ‘Wow! We are going to provide millions of gallons of clean water to the thirsty each month. When you have 100’s of customers achieving those results you are really making a difference.”