LX MPR Nozzles

Color-coded nozzles for easy identification

Reusable, dual-compartment resealable bags for organizing nozzles and screens

Matched precipitation rates across sets and across patterns in each numbered series

LX Series screens maintain precise radius adjustments (screen included with nozzle)

Stainless steel radius adjustment screw


  • For use with all LX Series sprayheads 

  • Fits all industry-standard sprayheads with male thread risers 

  • Fits LXS, No. 72 and No. 73 Shrub Adapters




Precipitation rate: 1.67 – 5.33" per hour (37 – 144 mm/h)
Spacing: 5 – 15' (1,5 – 4,6 m)
Pressure: 15 – 30 psi (1,0 – 2,1 bars)

MPR performance was determined with nozzles mounted on 4" (10,2 cm) pop-ups. ASAE standard of .01" per hour was used to determine listed radius..

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