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If you're considering a Weathermatic product, you are getting professional-grade quality and more than 60 years of professional irrigation experience.   We sell our equipment exclusively through a network of wholesale distributors and professional contractors.  us for help or visit our directory of distributors.

How can I be sure I’ll get a good system?
One of the most important steps you can take to ensure that you “get a good system” is to be skeptical of the contractor who offers to install your system for a lot less money than other contractors who bid on your job. These “low bid” contractors use tricks of the trade to save installation time and money but  compromise the long-term reliability of your system. By the time that first or second heat wave has come and gone, so has that low bid contractor. Try as you may, they no longer return your calls or worse yet, they are out of business. So, up front, ask how long they’ve been in business in your area and ask for references. You’ll be glad you did.

Are there specific things that are typical of a good system?
A “good” sprinkler system is one that is customized to your landscape and to your climate. If windy conditions are prevalent, ask about low angle nozzles to prevent excessive misting. If your landscape has both lawn and shrubs, ask if these areas will be watered independently, i.e. using separate zones. Ask about the warranty. Will it include parts and labor? For how long? Your system should also be designed to be reliable for years to come. Will the contractor use water tight electrical connections? How deep will the sprinkler pipes be buried? This is particularly important in colder climates. Will the sprinkler heads themselves be connected to the sprinkler lines with special connections that minimize head breakage caused by maintenance equipment or by simply being next to the driveway? All Weathermatic components are engineered and manufactured to give you years of trouble-free service. The independent contractor who installs your Weathermatic system is a professional. You can count on him or her for technical expertise and business integrity.

How much will my lawn sprinkler system cost?
Many factors affect the price of a complete sprinkler system. The most significant include property size, the number of different planting areas in your landscape, available water pressure, soil conditions, and the expertise and efficiency of the contractor. It’s a good idea to agree upon the number of days that the entire installation will take and to make that part of the agreement between you and the contractor. Of course options such as remote control and water-saving brass spray nozzles, while adding to the initial cost of the system, actually reduce the cost of ownership over time. For the best possible system designed to fit your landscape and your budget, choose a contractor you trust and who uses professional Weathermatic products.

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