T1 Turbo Rotary Sprinkler

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5 year warranty and 100% water tested

Thick, vandal resistant rubber cover is standard; visible arrows indicate + or – arc adjustment

Radius adjustment screw decreases radius up to 25%

“Punch-thru” cover to protect nozzle retaining screw from debris

Easy-grip threaded cover

8 field-changeable nozzles

Safety clutch for vandal protection; ratchets like a sprayhead

Adjustable arc from 40-360 degrees

 Pressure activated wiper seal and strong stainless steel spring on pop-up models to ensure positive retraction 

High-tech micro filter protects reversing mechanism

Streamlined large flow tube to minimize pressure loss through sprinkler

Impeller flow regulator automatically matches rotation to nozzle selection

Smooth impeller gear drive for highly uniform watering

Large area, basket type, removable strainer for debris protection

Optional check valve holds back 12' (3,7 m/hd) of elevated water


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  Standard Metric
Discharge Rate: 0.57 gpm - 5.5 gpm  
Radius: 16 - 40'  
Pressure Range: 25 - 50 psi  


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Non-potable cover (add "N" suffix)

Vandal cover lock (add "XV" prefix


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Height (closed): 7 5/8" (19,4 cm)
Pop-up Height: 4" (10,2 cm)
Inlet: ½" IPS


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High-strength non-corrosive plastics and metals used throughout sprinkler

Sealed, lubricant packed drive housing provides long life performance

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