Landscape Irrigation is Costly

It turns out that 50% of water use is for the landscape

That's right.  Depending on the region of the country, as much as 50-70% of the water used in a commercial property is dedicated to irrigating the landscape.  A property owner with a 16-zone 1-acre property will spend an average of $6,000 on irrigation water per year.


And the average property owner will over-water by 38%

Using conventional timer-based irrigation systems that turn on regardless of conditions, the average property is overwatered by 38%. So, of that $6000 water bill, you might be spending $2300 on water that your landscape does not need. This over watering also leads to damaged plants and deteriorating pavement. It's costly.


Conventional Timer-Based Systems
Waste Water and Can Damage Plants

Losing Water on the Clock

Conventional timer-based systems that water based on weekly schedules typically overwater by 20-60% since they do not take into account seasonal, soil, plant and weather conditions. For instance, your landscape needs less water in cooler seasons. Also, your landscape doesn’t need water for a time after a rain and different soil types absorb water at different rates.

Losing Plants and Risking Compliance
on the Clock

Overwatering can injure plants and create runoff that leads to costly damage to pavement and walkways. Meanwhile, timer-based systems lose their program in power outages and are typically based on a 7-day schedule, which means they are often out of compliance with watering restrictions and can lead to costly fines.



How It Works

SmartLine, the water-saving control system in SmartLink, has been installed on more than 200,000 properties saving an average of 38% in water use by taking into account all the necessary conditions to maximize irrigation efficiency.  And now, with SmartLink web-based control, your landscape contractor can instantly shut down your system in an emergency and help you comply immediately with local watering restrictions, avoiding costly fines. Plus, with real-time reporting, you get visibility to exactly how much water you are saving.

Smart Link


Experience all the benefits of SmartLink

  • Dramatic Water Savings

    Save average 38% on water with auto- adjust features to irrigate precisely.

  • Landscape Beautification

    Weather-sensitive irrigation avoids over-watering or under-watering to extend plant life.

  • Real-Time Reporting

    Water savings reports help you regularly see the benefits of Smart weather- based irrigation.

  • Freeze Prevention

    Automatically prevent watering during freezes.

  • Reduce Hardscape Damage

    Avoid costly damage to pavements and parking lots from water run-off.

  • Web-Based Control

    Enable your contractor to instantly shutdown your system in an emergency.

  • Equipment Assurance

    Equipment warranty to cover lightning, theft, and physical damage.

  • Immediate Compliance

    Web-based program for quick compliance with water restrictions to avoid costly fines.

Compare your Timer-Based System to SmartLink

Conventional Timer Sprinkler SystemSmartLink Network
Overwater due to schedule-based control and often damage landscape.Auto adjusts due to weather and other key factors to save 20-60% in water and improve plant health.
Lose program from memory leading to overwatering and damaged landscape.Retains information on secure servers so programs are never lost.
Don't comply with watering restrictions costing fines and trips to controllers.Web-based control to quickly address restrictions and special events.
No Indications of system failures until landscape lost or watering fines.Email alerts of system faults and problems.
No indication of water usage.Real-time reports demonstrate water savings.
Limited 2-3 year equipment warranties.Optional equipment warranty covering lightning, theft, physical damage for life of service.


SmartLine is installed on more than 200,000 properties.

Here's what they are saying…
26 control systems on 138 acres saved 53%."

-- Jerry Owen Prestonwood Baptist Church

Payback in less than 3 months . . . Saved almost 4 million gallons of water . . "

-- Alen Hinckley, Yorkshire West Realty Advisors

SmartLine immediately eliminated a run-off and erosion problem we had on our slope. ...The landscape looks great"

-- Dr. Benton Ellis, Homeowner Dallas, Texas

We are seeing savings in the range of 
50% in all of our Texas cities."

-- Bill Moebius, Senior Vice President, 
Stream Realty Partners


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