Introducing The SmartLink Wireless Landscape Network

The affordable, web-based irrigation controller solution that dramatically reduces trips to controllers, saving you labor and fuel.

Now you can manage all your sites from any computer or mobile device and a simple internet connection. No software. No long-term contracts. A small investment can save thousands of dollars in labor and fuel for trips to adjust controllers. And your customers get real-time visibility to the dramatic water savings from Smart irrigation.



Trips to Adjust Controllers are Costly

Most say they make more than six trips per year

Contractors tell us that they are making six to ten trips per year to adjust controllers. Add up the fuel and labor on these trips, and this can be costing hundreds of dollars per year on each controller. Add up all the controllers, and this is a tremendous impact on your business results.


Nightmares ?


Your timer-based system may be out of compliance.

If your clients have a timer-based controller that was installed prior to 2003, the battery back-up mostly likely doesn’t work. In cases of power outage, the date and time is lost along with the program. You must reprogram to stay in compliance. Most are also based on 7-day cycles, which means they must be reprogrammed monthly. There is no Daylight Savings Time, so they are out of compliance twice per year and grow-in programs also require programming.


How It Works

SmartLine, the water-saving control system in SmartLink, has been installed on more than 200,000 properties saving an average of 38% in water use by taking into account all the necessary conditions to maximize irrigation efficiency.  And now, with SmartLink web-based control, your landscape contractor can instantly shut down your system in an emergency and help you comply immediately with local watering restrictions, avoiding costly fines. Plus, with real-time reporting, you get visibility to exactly how much water you are saving.

Smart Link


Experience all the benefits of SmartLink

  • Web-based Control
    Affordable Web-Based Control

    Unlimited data and users for a fraction of the cost of central control.

  • Mobile Access

    Available on tablets or smartphones so you have unlimited range control.

  • Automatic Updates

    New features are automatically added as they become available.

  • Reliable Connections

    Cellular networks provide connection stability.

  • Simple Set-Up

    No software to install. Activate in seconds.

  • Unlimited Sites

    Manage multiple controllers from anywhere.

  • Reports & Alerts

    Water saving reports and alerts for key weather and system events.

  • Cloud Back-up

    Retains time, date and program with no battery required for ordinance compliance.

What's Included

SmartLine Controller
Installed on more than 200,000 properties saving an average of 38% in water bills.
Weather-based watering options that auto-adjusts based on temperature, humidity and precipitation.
Accounts for season, soil, plant, or sprinkler type to optimize landscape beauty and water efficiency.
Provides maximum run-times and soak times to eliminate run-off.
Settings for Omit Days to automatically comply with local water restriction.
SmarLinl Air Card
SmartLink Aircard
Manages Communication between your SmartLine Controller and the internet using reliable cellular connections.
Securely links your SmartLine Controller to our servers for web-enabled controller connectivity.
Installs in minutes for web-based management of your landscapes
SmartLink Web Application
SmartLink Web Application
Program your SmartLine controller with a simple web interface.
Turn on and off multiple controllers remotely from any internet connection.
Receive water saving reports and system alerts
Manage your system from any computer or web-enabled tablet or smartphone.
SmartLink Weather Station
SmartLine Weather Station
Records and processes weather data to establish auto-adjust run times.
Installs quickly with no wires using remote communication to controller.
Extended rain delay feature prevents system from watering after rain until there is a moisture deficit.
Prevents watering in freezing conditions.


Calculate your Trip Savings

What would reducing trips to adjust controllers mean to you?

Our contractor customers are saving thousands on trip costs while satisfying their customers with immediate response to their irrigation needs. Consider what you might save if you could manage all your controllers remotely.

Total Controllers Managed150
Trips for power outage causes time/date/program loss1
Trips for modifications due to grow-in schedules2
Trips for changes due to watering restrictions1
Trips for rain or freeze prevention3
Trips for special requests from the client2
Trips for adjustments for Daylight Savings Time2
Total average annual trips to adjust controllers 11
Average fuel cost per trip $8.77
Average labor cost per trip$72.00
Total Average cost per trip  $80.77
Annual Controller Trip Costs  $133,269



SmartLink is the most affordable web-based control system on the market. With more than 200,000 SmartLine installations, SmartLink is becoming the platform of choice for remote access and control of your smart, weather-based controller. Find out more about how you can irrigate from anywhere with SmartLink. .







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