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In recent years, hospitals and health care facilities have become increasingly aware that they need to care for patients’ health not only directly – through the valuable services they provide – but indirectly as well, by promoting environmental health.  Health care facilities are often some of the largest generators of waste and consumers of resources.  Recognizing this need and their influence as a community leader, Baylor Health Care System has chosen to reduce their environmental footpring by using Weathermatic’s Sustainability Services to conserve water.Baylor Health Care Systems began using Weathermatic’s Sustainability Services in 2011 and 2012, launching a pilot program at three large hopsitals and medical facilities.  Based on the successful water and monetary savings at these facilities, Baylor is expected to commit even more of its properties to using Weathermatic’s services over the next few years.  Baylor’s facilities are unique due to their large size and varied landscapes.  Thirteen controllers are spread over two properties, accounting for many types of zones, soils, and weather conditions that old, clock-based sprinkler timers could not account for.  Even at such a large size, each property is expected to completely regain its investment within nine months, based solely on the money saved through water conservation.  By additionally reducing Baylor’s costs for energy, labor, and landscape care, Sustainability Services will continue to add to these initial savings.   

The Weathermatic Solution

Baylor Health Care uses the full range of Weathermatic’s new Sustainability Services: 

  • Professional consultation and installation equipment that best fits the landscape
  • SmartLine controllers and SmartLink connections to ensure up-to-the-minute water management and weather sensitivity
  • Daily remote monitoring by Weathermatic staff
  • Monthly water saving reports
  • Quarterly site inspections to ensure repairs and conservation 



Many of Baylor’s most recent buildings have earned LEED certifications – a difficult task when trying to simultaneously meet the conflicting demands of medical use, patient and family comfort, and expansion potential.  One of their biggest successes has been the new Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center at Dallas, which received the outstanding LEED Gold Certification, partly because Weathermatic’s services helped it be 30% more water efficient than building codes require.

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We saved $22,000 and the system paid for itself in the first year.

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