Why "Zip Code?"

The Smartline controller asks for a number of items to operate in AUTO ADJUST. The first on the dial position for AUTO ADJUST and topic of this update is ZIP CODE. It means more than you think. The Smartline controller uses real-time, on site weather information from the Smartline Weather Stations (SLW1 and SLW5 or SLW15) to calculate the daily ETo and apply that to the programming in auto adjust to accurately calculate the run times for each individual zones that is needed to replace the water that was lost that day. Pretty cool! Zip Code is needed for one very important item, and it isn’t for the controller mailing location. QUICK QUESTION: What latitude are you are  currently on? No idea, right. You need to Google it, didn’t you? Well, that is why we designed Smartline to ask for your zip code – so we code find out your latitude. Much easier and friendlier to ask a question everyone already knows the answer to. Why latitude? Well, based on the date programmed, the controller knows the historical solar radiation levels for that latitude. Why historical? Well, the earth is pretty stable and rotate on a well defined pattern for only about the past 4.54 billion years, so there is very little change to this number. In fact,  the most stable number in the equation is solar radiation. Temperature, wind, and humidity can always change from year to year, but in July the N Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun and tilted away in winter. I will bet my paycheck on that. What an old boss used to call “The angle of the dangle”. So, that is why we ask for Zip Code for your Smartline controller. You can’t program Auto Adjust without it. No seriously, the controller won’t let you change to auto adjust with a zip code.Happy water savings!

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Darren Harris manages technical services for Weathermatic and provides support for landscape contractors on Weathermatic products.  Darren is a degreed horticulturalist and licensed irrigator with more than a decade of experience in the industry. 

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