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When you live in an apartment, you’re always at the mercy of someone else when an unexpected maintenance issue pops up. In my case, this individual always looks like he belongs on Duck Dynasty and rarely agrees that my problem needs his attention this week. I try not to be pesky with my maintenance requests – I know these people are busy! – but I also know household leaks can waste more than one trillion gallons of water annually, nationwide, and I am super motivated to minimize that number.

Why Water Management?

prevent irrigation runoff

Soil Type/Slope Feature

The soil type / slope feature is the secret weapon of the SmartLine controller. Many people overlook this setting but it has a wonderful purpose – preventing runoff. Here are some definitions to help: RUN – the maximum run cycle the controller will accept. SOAK = the minimum amount of time the zone remains off before a new cycle starts. This feature does not affect the overall amount of water that is applied, just how that water is applied.

Plant Type programming

In the auto adjust settings, a very important programming section is dedicated to plant type. Here we will discuss what each plant type refers to and how you can adjust the plant type setting to accurately reflect the plants in your landscape.

Landscape Coefficients

gift of water

If you’re reading this, you’re probably old enough to hear what I’m about to say.

Santa is not real.

Alright, so you’ve probably heard that one before, but here are some similar hoaxes we all seem to buy into long into adulthood:

1. Water is everywhere and it comes from nature so it should be free.

2. Water will always flow magically from my faucet and hose.

Visitors at the Weathermatic booth during the IA show, Twitter interview with Ewing Irrigation

Between bad PR, lack of ongoing education, irrationally based codes and standards, and inconsistent licensing practices, one may feel overwhelmed with the challenges facing the irrigation industry. During the 2013 Irrigation Association Show in Austin earlier this month, I had the honor of interviewing several major players in the IA. Each of them provided solutions to these problems and ways they are working toward a better future. After speaking to Board members, the previous and current president, and the IA's Educator of the Year, I can confidently say the industry is in good hands.

Mike Mason CEO Weathermatic

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Mike Mason CEO Weathermatic, with the Save Water | Give Life well drilling team

Weathermatic is all about saving our customers water through the most sustainable, high-tech solutions for their particular needs. While these savings can lower water bills and improve the appearance of a property, we also feel that being good stewards of our water resources is our social responsibility. Around the world, nearly one billion people do not have access to clean water, and they suffer greatly for this lack. The water crisis affects poverty, women, children, health, education, and so much more. Access to clean water brings new life and prosperity to communities.

One of the primary reasons I left a promising position with a leading software company to come work for Weathermatic was because of the commitment from the Weathermatic leadership team to serve our community and world.  I have the privilege of helping lead this effort at Weathermatic through Save Water | Give Life.  We donate $1 per month for each SmartLink connection and part of our Sustainability Services revenue to clean water projects around the world.  

As with any smart controller, the better the information we program into the controller, the better the results the controller puts out. If you’d like to set custom precipitation rates for your sprinkler types, use this simple equation.


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