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Weathermatic is a leading provider of water-conserving technology and services. Using proven irrigation science and market leading technology, our solutions help maximize landscape beauty while saving billions of gallons of water. Weathermatic has been serving landscape professionals for seventy years and has a full line of irrigation products including software, controllers, sensors, valves, rotors, sprays and nozzles. These products have been installed in more than 85 countries and on high profile properties like AT&T Cowboys Stadium, the U.S. Capitol Building, Buckingham Palace and the College Football Hall of Fame.

Who is Weathermatic

Weathermatic was started in 1945 as Texas Lawn Sprinkler Company by M.E. Snoddy.  As a landscape contractor, Mr. Snoddy was looking for higher quality irrigation products as automated sprinklers came to the mass market. Unable to find these products, he decided to build products himself. Today we are different, but the same. The factory is bigger and we sell a lot more products all over the world, but we remain committed to the values of innovation and quality that began with our founder.
The rising scarcity and increasing cost of water is coming at a time when the availability of affordable water management technology is growing. This creates a great opportunity for our clients. We are driven by a passion to deliver water-conserving innovations that help maximize plant health while preserving water as a precious natural resource. Adding value for our clients while conserving water puts us in a position to be generous to our employees and to those in need.
Worldwide, more than 800 million people cannot access the clean water they need for drinking, cooking, and hygiene. Meanwhile, the average half-acre commercial property in the US wastes nearly 380,000 gallons of water, which is enough to supply two hundred families in a developing country with water for a year. Since we can’t ship the water we help save to these countries, we do the next best thing. Through our Save Water | Give Life program, we donate part of our revenue to global clean water projects and take trips each year to drill water wells in developing countries.
We are committed to integrity in our business practices, to demonstrate our greater loyalty and generosity that expands as we grow. We desire to innovate in a way that challenges conventional processes to add value for our customers. We affirm the importance of our people, whose worth far exceeds their contribution to the company. And we are committed to persevere, recognizing challenges as an opportunity for growth.

Meet Our Team

Mike Mason
President & CEO

Orchestrated the initial capitalization for wireless cable companies. Built network of irrigation distributors and created leading irrigation water management and technology brand.

Darryl Halbert

Darryl Halbert joined Weathermatic in 2015, he brought with him nearly 30 years of financial and strategic management experience in the technology and manufacturing industries.

Venkat Bangalore
Vice President of Manufacturing & Hardware

Over 20 years of experience in engineering for leading international companies including Mattel, GEC, and NTTF.

Bill Savelle
Executive Vice President of Products and Services

Twenty-five years’ irrigation contracting and distribution businesses ownership followed by sales and product development for leading irrigation manufacturers including Rain Bird.

David Hanson
Vice President of Software Development

Fifteen years of experience building high capacity web-based software systems.

Brodie Bruner
Executive Vice President of Marketing

More than 20 years’ experience in irrigation sales and operations with Weathermatic. Author of industry books used by Irrigation Association.